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Mariola Glajcar

  • Category Website + Ecommerce + Elearning
  • NichePhotography Teacher
  • CountryInternational
  • Handover 22 November 2022
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Crafting a World of Photography and Learning

Embarking on a project for Mariola Glajcar, an international photographer and esteemed photography educator, presented a unique challenge. Our goal was to create a multifaceted online presence that reflects the breadth of Mariola’s expertise and offerings. The result is a complex yet seamlessly integrated website featuring an online store, a multilingual platform across four languages, and a comprehensive course platform.

A Portal to Photography Mastery: Shop, Learn, and Connect


Mariola’s website transcends the conventional, marrying an online store tailored to photography enthusiasts with a clear, accessible course platform. Here, users can not only purchase photography gear and prints but also enroll in courses, complete with quizzes, downloadable certificates, and video content secured against unauthorized downloading. Products are smartly linked to corresponding courses, enhancing the learning experience.

  • + E-commerce Integration
  • + Multilingual Support (4 Languages)
  • + Course Platform with Certifications
  • + Basic Copywriting
  • + Video Content Protection
  • + Multilingual Translations and Voiceovers
  • + Video Content Protection
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Beyond the Website: A Comprehensive Digital Strategy

Our involvement with Mariola Glajcar's digital presence goes beyond website development. We've taken charge of Meta campaigns and co-implemented social media strategies, including the creation of content for posts and, notably, reels. Our ongoing commitment includes managing PR for the artist, ensuring her work and educational offerings receive the attention and acclaim they deserve. Integrated Digital Marketing: + Meta Campaigns + Social Media Strategy + PR Management

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